Murray Zircon holds an exploration tenement portfolio covering over 6,000 km² within the Murray Basin.



Tenement Coverage Map

Tenement coverage map showing currently known strandlines (in red).
Base plan is a digital elevation model with increasing elevation shown from blue through red.


The Mindarie Heavy Mineral Sands deposits are located in the lower south western corner of the Murray Basin. In this area, the heavily mineralised Loxton-Parilla sands are often exposed at surface, or thinly covered by low dunes interpreted to be of Woorinen Formation. From the surface, the general stratigraphic variation is unconsolidated fine to medium sands with occasional layers of sandy clay, clayey sand or clay in the top 0 to 5 m. Calcrete is also seen in the upper 0 to 5 m, usually with the clay units immediately underlying.


Within the ore zone, sands are usually fine to medium, with a basal layer of very coarse to granular and occasionally pebbly sands usually up to 5 m thick. Within the Mindarie Mineral Sands Project area, drilling has identified a series of shorelines containing strandline mineralisation of variable tenor, of which the Mindarie C deposit is a part. The figure below depicts a typical cross section of the Mindarie C strandline.



Typical cross section of the Mindarie C strandline