Product Uses


Murray Zircon produces Heavy Mineral Concentrate (HMC) which is separated to produce zircon, ilmentite, rutile etc.


Zircon (ZrSi04)


There are a number of market segment applications for zircon, namely:
• Approximately 52% of the world’s premium grade zircon is used as an opacifier in ceramic glazes commonly used in kitchen and bathroom ceramics, and dinnerware;
• 9% of the world’s premium grade zircon is used in the manufacture of zirconia and zirconium chemicals;
• Refractories and foundries account for 15% of world market share.


Zircon has a broad range of applications:
Domestic Products
• Ceramics
• Food
• Cosmetics
• Pharmaceuticals
• Medicine
• Glass faceplates for television tubes
• Computer disc drives
• Lightweight warm and protective clothing
• Ball point pens
• Wear resistant knives


Industrial Manufacturing Processes (heat and corrosion resistant qualities):
• Engines
• Electronics
• Electron absorber in nuclear reactors
• Chemical processing plants
• Armour planting on military aircraft
• Heat shields on space shuttles
• Steel industry blast furnace linings


Rutile and Illmenite — Titanium Products (TiO2)


Approximately 93% of world titanium minerals are used in the production of TiO2 pigment. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a white powder with high opacity and brilliant whiteness. It has exceptional covering capacity and is resistant to colour change, making it a highly desirable pigment and opacifier.
Applications of TiO2 pigment include:


• 57% as an opacifier in paints
• 20% in plastics
• 13% in paper
• 10% in inks and fibres


The remaining 7% of world titanium mineral production is used in non-pigment markets:


• Titanium metal
• Aerospace applications (aircraft, jet engines, satellites)
• Surgical equipment (metal joints, screws and pins, pacemakers)
• Sporting goods (golf clubs)
• Fluxes for welding rods to stabilise electric arcs and reduce slag viscosity formed during welding
• Blast furnaces and abrasive cleaning in the steel industry